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Debate Day

Sixth Grade LA had a debate day.  There were 4 topic that students could debate on:

  1. Should orca shows be banned?
  2. Should there be warning labels put on sugary drinks?
  3. Are trampolines too dangerous?
  4. Should people eat bugs?

There were also 4 speakers:

Judge Mike Leavitt

Lawyer Jinks Dabney

Steve Dunham, WCSD Public Relations

Chris Beykirch, Sony Public Relations


Here are pictures of the debate and of the speakers (try and find yourselves):

GO, Team, GO!



dscn1072 dscn1074

dscn1073  dscn1077  dscn1075

  dscn1078   dscn1079

dscn1080   dscn1081   dscn1082


dscn1084 dscn1085

dscn1086   dscn1087  dscn1091

     dscn1095  dscn1099     dscn1101


dscn1108  dscn1109  dscn1111

    dscn1115  dscn1116  dscn1117

dscn1118  dscn1119  img_06811


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Day in the Desert

Day in the Desert! Our 6th graders were able to go for the day in the desert and learn many wonderful things about our Saint George desert area!

20161026_100429  20161026_094750   20161026_102509

20161026_102527  20161026_103430   20161026_103454  

20161026_103525   20161026_105807   20161026_105847

20161026_111430   20161026_112229   20161026_112741

20161026_112848   20161026_114156  20161026_114830

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