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Debate Day

Sixth Grade LA had a debate day.  There were 4 topic that students could debate on:

  1. Should orca shows be banned?
  2. Should there be warning labels put on sugary drinks?
  3. Are trampolines too dangerous?
  4. Should people eat bugs?

There were also 4 speakers:

Judge Mike Leavitt

Lawyer Jinks Dabney

Steve Dunham, WCSD Public Relations

Chris Beykirch, Sony Public Relations


Here are pictures of the debate and of the speakers (try and find yourselves):

GO, Team, GO!



dscn1072 dscn1074

dscn1073  dscn1077  dscn1075

  dscn1078   dscn1079

dscn1080   dscn1081   dscn1082


dscn1084 dscn1085

dscn1086   dscn1087  dscn1091

     dscn1095  dscn1099     dscn1101


dscn1108  dscn1109  dscn1111

    dscn1115  dscn1116  dscn1117

dscn1118  dscn1119  img_06811


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