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Parent Summer Email

We are excited for this upcoming 2019-2020 school year and look forward to having your student in our school.  We have a wonderful school with a great faculty and staff that all want to help your child to have a positive experience.   Based on feedback and questions from parents over the last few years, we decided to forward some information on to you before school starts.

Since it can be quite a transition between Elementary School and Intermediate School we just wanted you to have some information before the year starts to help ease that transition.

There will be some emails of this nature coming to you over the next couple weeks to help you get your student ready for the school year, so get ready, get set, goooooooooooooo!

Organization: Your student will have 6 different classes this year with 6 different teachers.  This is a fun thing for the students but can also be an adjustment to keep organized.  We recommend that you sit down with your student and talk about strategies to become organized and keep track of assignments and papers.  This is the number one thing incoming 6th graders struggle with!!!

Each student will receive a Student Handbook/Planner the first week of school that they will need to keep with them at all times.  This is a great place to start with keeping organized.  Let your student know that you want to see this at least weekly (if not daily) to help them keep track of their 6 classes.  Many of our teachers also have a website and send out emails that can help students and parents get on the same page when students may be confused or can’t remember all the details that were given in class.

We use PowerSchool as our grade reporting system.  Please sit down with your student at least once a week to go over their grades with them.  This can give you valuable insight into how your child is feeling about their classes and allow you to intervene early if they seem to be struggling.  It will also help you to learn more about your child’s strengths and interests.

Since we do not have lockers at our school, students will need a backpack to carry their supplies and papers every each day.  Many students have not learned the art of organizing their backpack and will probably need some help cleaning this out and sorting through papers on a weekly basis.  Help them develop this habit by showing them a few times, monitoring for another few weeks, and then checking up as we move into the school year.

Dress Code: This time of the students’ lives can be challenging as development occurs.  We want all of our students to feel comfortable and safe at school.  To help students maintain focus on learning we ask for your support in the dress code policy.  If you think something may not be appropriate for school, please do not let your child wear it.

Our school follows the Washington County School District Dress Code.  Most of the questions that arise from the dress code are a result of lack of information.  We want all students to come to school and have a positive experience and be in an atmosphere conducive to learning.  This being said, we adhere to the dress code due to the nature of this age group of students to become distracted very easily.  We don’t have many problems, but parents in the past have said it would have been helpful to have some guidelines sent out before school started to help with their shopping.  There is a list below of some of the things that parents most frequently have questions about or are not aware of: *All dresses/skirts and shorts must reach to a point that is no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee cap.  We recommend leggings to be accompanied with some of the shorter styles right now. *Distressed/holey jeans cannot show skin above 4 inches from the top of the knee cap. *Tank tops are not allowed unless accompanied by a shirt underneath. *Shirts that fall off the shoulder must have a t-shirt underneath so that undergarments are not visible. *T-shirts with off-colored slogans or pictures are not allowed. *Pajama pants and slippers are sleeping attire and not school attire.  Please help your student get up early so they have plenty of time to dress for school. *Hair color must be in the realm of natural hair colors to minimize distractions. *Extreme hairstyles… faux-hawks are allowed but must be kept at a length of no more than one inch… please keep these to the top of the head and not down the back of the head. *Cutting symbols in hair is not allowed. *We cooperate with St. George City Police to help keep all schools safe.  We have not had problems in our school with gang affiliation and want to keep it that way.  There are several brands that are not allowed due to these brands being adopted by local gangs.  Please do not send your child to school in the following attire:  Metal Mulisha, SRH (Supporting Radical Habits), ICP (Insane Clown Posse), Kotton Mouth Kings, G-Unit, Player 69, and anything with the pattern of a bandanna.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the topics in this email.  We will be sending more information in a few days on a few more topics to help you prepare for the upcoming year!

We are excited to have your child attend Sunrise Ridge and look forward to this school year!

Attendance: We want all of our students to feel successful here at school.  One of the best ways to help them feel success is when they are in attendance every day and able to participate with their peers.  Studies show that there is a direct correlation between attendance and academic success.  When students miss school, they miss an experience that cannot be replicated just by doing homework.  Please do all you can to get your child to school every day (and on time).  The school day begins at 7:45 A.M.   With that time in mind, please have your child at school by 7:40 to allow them enough time to get to their classroom and be in their seat when the bell rings. In the event that your student is sick or ill, please provide a doctor’s note to the attendance secretary so the absence can be coded differently in the computer (even for dental and orthodontic appointments).  If there are ongoing medical concerns, please make an appointment to discuss your student’s needs with a school counselor. Notification of an absence should be provided to the school prior to or within the day of the absence.  If a call is not received, a phone message will be sent out to parents reminding them to call in and excuse their child. If there are other things happening at home that are affecting your child’s ability to attend school, please contact a school counselor ASAP so that we can work with you to provide a great education to your student. Students with perfect attendance will be rewarded at the Award’s Assembly at the end of the year. This means they must be in attendance every day for the entire day and have no tardies to any classes during the year.  We hope your child strives for this recognition!

Student Check Out: As the year gets underway, there may be times that you need to check your child out of school.  For your child’s safety, the following requirements have been put into place: *Parents/guardians must come into the school and sign out their student.  Identification must be shown.  Please do not ask us to ‘just send them out’.  We take student safety very seriously and hope you understand the reason for this policy. * The only people allowed to check out a student are the individuals listed in PowerSchool that you have provided to the school.  If you are not sure or would like this updated, please contact the registrar of the school.

Getting to school: We are so excited to begin the 2019-20 school year!  One question that comes up every year is transportation, both with busing and dropping students off at school.

BUS: If your student rides a school bus, you can go online to: www.washk12.org/versatrans to access pickup, drop-times, locations and the bus number.  Bus drivers will send home the bus rules to be reviewed with each rider.  School administration works closely with our great bus drivers to help make sure the students have a good ride to school.  With all of the new growth the buses are at capacity, so please be aware that we are not allowed to have students ride home with one another. BIKING & WALKING: We have a large number of students that walk or bike to school.  We have a place to lock bikes up behind the building near the basketball courts.  Please discuss bicycle safety with your child and remind them to use sidewalks where possible.

PARENT DROP-OFF & PICK-UP:  The location that we ask parents to drop-off and pick-up students is the front parking lot.   Due to the danger of students walking through the parking lot with the early morning and afternoon traffic, we ask that parents use the pull through lanes.  The right lane (closest to the school) is the stop and drop-off lane and the left lane is the pull through lane.   DO NOT DROP OFF IN THE CROSS WALK!!!  When you are in the drop-off lane, pull as far forward as possible to accommodate more students and parents and move through the line quickly.  Please do not enter the BUS LOADING ZONE on the east side of the school at any time.  For student safety, this area is not available for pick-up and drop-off.

School lunch: We have three lunch lines open every day for lunch, the main line and two other lines that change daily.  A salad bar is also available Monday-Thursday.  To pay for school lunch you can pay the lunch secretary directly with check or cash in the mornings (the lunch secretary is not here in the afternoon) or pay online through paypams.  The main line lunch menu, paypams link and forms to apply for financial assistance for meal can all be found at http://foodservice.washk12.org/menus/secondary.

Technology Certification: We live in a fast-paced world that is ever changing.  It is hard to keep up with technology and its capabilities.  What we are finding in education is an increased need to help train students on how to use technology in appropriate ways for meaningful learning.  In our efforts to help students learn that technology can be used as an educational tool we are providing students an opportunity again this school year to become “Technology Certified”… this certification will allow students to receive instruction and training on how to use personal devices in classrooms under teacher direction and invitation.  Having a personal device is NOT necessary in the educational settings at our school and teachers will still provide a way for all students to learn the necessary material.   We have had many of our teachers participating in the WCSD Technology Endorsement classes the last few years, and they are excited to integrate many new strategies into their classrooms in a variety of ways so that all students increase their skill levels with technology.

We will begin the year by providing instruction and training to all students in Student Orientation and Homeroom.   To become Technology Certified, students will need to complete a piece of the certification on their own time and have a discussion with their parents regarding appropriate use for school, followed by a Technology Commitment Card that is signed by both the student and parent.  Students will be given a Tech Card with an approved sticker to show teachers so they can use their device in the classroom.  If parents do not want their student to become certified, that is absolutely up to them, as the Technology Certification is not a requirement at our school, but just another opportunity to learn safe and appropriate use of devices.

We will still maintain our former device policy that devices should be put away between classes, before school, at lunch, and in classrooms when teachers have not invited students to use them for an instructional purpose.  We are an academic learning institution first and foremost but are trying to find ways to integrate technology use as it is appropriate in an educational setting.  If we find that students are not using devices as outlined, consequences may be necessary.  Please note:  any use allowed will be Teacher directed and we provide this limited use as students learn self-discipline in educational settings.

If a parent chooses to have their student become Technology Certified, we encourage you also to contact your service provider and shut your child’s data off during the school day.  This way, any user will go through the WCSD server and provide another layer of protection from content and sites that are not appropriate in a school setting.

We ask for your support and feedback in our efforts to help students learn to navigate the digital world we all live in.  Remember this opportunity is completely optional, and we do not expect parents to feel their child needs a device at our school.  Every student at Sunrise Ridge will be provided with rich learning experiences.


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