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Sora Digital Library

Instructions for logging into SORA Digital Library on the computer.

  1. Go to https://soraapp.com or sri.washk12.org and under quick links, click on SORA Digital Library.
  2. Find your school by clicking on the green button and finding your school or click on the “I have a setup code” which is wcsdut.
  3. Login using your school username (grad year, first five letters of last name, first three letters of first name, middle initial, do not use washk12.org) and email password (first initial, last initial, lunch number)
  4. Select the book title you would like to checkout (make sure that you pay attention whether it is a book or an audio book)
  5. Select Borrow (if it is available it will be black, if it is grey then you can put a hold on the book and you can check it out when it becomes available.)







Sandy Ferrell - Principal
Brett Gifford - Vice Principal

(435) 652-4772

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3167 South  2350 East
St. George, UT 84790
Tel. (435) 652-4772
Fax (435) 652-4777